Workplace Mental Health Courses

Why Should my organisation care about Mental Health:

Lead your people to better mental health by addressing the core standards for a healthy workplace as set out in the Government’s Thriving at Work report.

By way of background, research has shown that 1 in 4 of us will suffer some form of mental health issue this year, that this in turn will cost the economy £74-£99 billion this year. Mental Health problems within the UK workforce costs employers almost £35 billion in 2016, £10.6 billion in sickness absences, £21.2 billion in presenteeism (reduced productivity due to poor mental health) and £3.1 billion replacing staff who left due to poor mental health.

The good news is that for every £1.00 spent by an organisation relating to employee mental health, the organisation will recoup between £0.40 and £9.60 throug the impact on absenteeism, presenteeism and staff turnover and subsequent recruitment and training costs. Therefore upskilling staff about mental health before problems arise is something that organisations are beginning to take very seriously and something that we can assist with.

We would love an opportunity to discuss the wider mental health approach of your organisation and assist in developing an approach to mental health that not only meets your needs but also that address the core standards of the Government's Thriving at Work recommendations (and perhaps even the enhanced standards too). This can be a huge selling point for your organisation. We very much look forward to further discussions over your needs.

Organisations across the country are recognising the impact that mental health problems can have upon their workforce and the knock-on effect on business. There is a crucial need for employers to create healthy work environments to minimise poor mental health, but also to support those experiencing mental health issues.

Leading your people helps the wealth of your business and the health of society and prevents undermining the wellbeing and happiness of employees (Centre for Mental Health, 2017).

Why Us ?

Unlike nearly all mental health trainers and training organisations, ALL of our training is facilitated by British Psychological Society members who have at least 3 years of full time psychological learning and experience, ensuring that delegates receive a deep knowledge of mental health principles rather than being told something that a train the trainer type person has just learned and is repeating to your people.

This ensures that the content is accurate and presented in a safe and professional manner. The programs are interactive workshops during which presenter and delegates will share professional knowledge and personal understanding and experiences to ensure that the course is safe, relatable and relevant, empowering your staff to take care of their mental health.

This also enables us to consider the specific needs of clients and if therefore you had specific issues that your organisation wished to address, we can prepare a bespoke package to meet such needs provided sufficient notice of need is provided, discussed and agreed upon.

One service we offer is to look at the wider approach of organisations towards mental health and help the organisation embed mental health throughout wider policy. This takes into account the BSI Health and Safety recommendations and the more recent PAS3002 regarding mental wellbeing at work. We work with companies on a broader sense around mental health - not just in provision of EAP, work health assessment and mental health training. This wider approach should not just help those suffering mental health problems, but should be building systems that prevent mental health issues arising in the workplace. This is often where money is better spent, rather than after a problem has arisen. We help organisations form policies aimed at doing this.

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Workplace Mental Health Courses

Introduction to Mental Health Awareness Training Course

Interactive workshop with presenters and delegates sharing personal understanding and experiences to ensure course is relatable and relevant.

3 hours
16 max

Understanding Mental Health Training Course

Interactive workshop with presenters and delegates sharing personal understanding and experiences to ensure course is relatable and relevant.

6 hours
16 max

Mental Health First Response (First Aid)

Interactive workshop with presenters and delegates sharing personal understanding and experiences to ensure course is relatable and relevant.

1 day (8 hours)
16 max

What Your Organisation gains:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced absences
  • Reduced staff turnover
  • Mentally healthy environment
  • Start to meet the recommended core standards for a healthy workplace
  • Embed positive attitude to mental health to support the long-term health and wellbeing of the organisation

What Your Employees gain:

  • Improved wellbeing
  • Mental Health knowledge to boost confidence to have open conversations around mental health
  • Understanding their own attitudes, behaviours and needs
  • Encourage access to support and recovery
  • Empowered to thrive at work with a long term mental health issue
  • Stopping preventable issues by promoting a mentally healthy environment.


is to understand issue and listen without bias and judgement


is to mentor and assist in accessing info and appropriate professional recomendations


is to get social support and maintenance in place