About us

I am Lee Sharp, a Member of the British Psychological Society (MBPsS) and a member of Special Group of Coaching Psychologists with the BPS (SCGP).  I hold an Msci in Advanced Applied Psychology and am now the Director and lead trainer of Unmasking Psychology, a company specialising in mental health services and training for organisations.

Before Psychology, I was a personal injury litigation specialist for 20 years.  I assisted people who had sustained significant life changing injuries.  This led me to understand the impact that trauma and life can have on mental health and I retrained with the express intention of providing mental health assistance within the corporate world.

In 2014 the Unmasking Psychology Programme was initiated with the aim of creating a course that would help people in the workplace avoid mental health issues and to help those that are already suffering from mental health issues.  Similar in many ways to how one receives first aid for a physical injury, we envisioned a work environment where people might spot and assist in the early signs of mental health difficulty.  Everyone within the work place would have the confidence to approach, assist and provide better support for colleagues suffering any type of negative mental health reaction and to enable workers to support friends and colleagues however needed.

As part of our approved training centre, we have a team of British Psychological Society Members ready and waiting to take your organisations staff on a mental health journey towards thriving.